Photography–Harry and Martha Frank

Script–Harry Frank

Music–Michael Martin Murphey, Mei-ling Felton, Le La Wakkan Mato

Webmaster—Eric Fileti

Harry Frank is a retired university professor and Martha a retired chemist.  They have been fascinated with old forts ever since their first road trip in their first car—up the California coast to Fort Ross in their new 1965 mustang.  Many automobile trips in later years included impromptu visits to forts, and they began more systematic photographic documentation of western forts when they retired to  New Mexico, in 2000.

Michael Martin Murphey is a celebrated cowboy singer.  His biography and discography can be seen at www.michaelmartinmurphey.comThe Murphey Western Institute  is a nonprofit center for the education, preservation, and perpetuation of the arts, culture, history and legacy of the American West.

Mei Ling Felton is formally trained concert violinist-turned country fiddler.

Le La Wakkan Mato is a Cree storyteller, artisan, and flutist, as well as a lecturer on Native American culture and frequent media consultant for motion picture and television productions.